Why Airbnb is Simply AWESOME

Now one of my favourite tools for booking accommodation around the world. It did take me a while to jump on this bandwagon however.. So here it is, why Airbnb is simply awesome.

My first experience was in Croatia during a festival. My friends used Airbnb to rent a whole apartment, right next to the festival sight, for slightly more than what my travel buddy and I paid for camping..

After one night, we found our way into their apartment and… kind of forgot about our tent for the rest of the festival (thank you & sorry guys! <3).

We then travelled around Europe and didn’t use any other websites other than Airbnb itself.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is an online marketplace matching hosts and guests in many locations around the world. It works great both ways – whether you’d like to rent out your room/apartment/house or are looking for a unique experience somewhere in the world.. Either way, Airbnb will not disappoint.

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SplitAppOur apartment in Split. Credit: Airbnb

Endless Options

Airbnb has listings in over 192 countries worldwide \ 34,000 cities. The number of guests using it has reached over 25 million.. so as you can imagine – it will be hard to find a place without an Airbnb host. Well unless it’s completely in a middle of nowhere.. but even that can be surprising.

It allows travellers to stay in great locations – both touristy and more local. If you prefer more of a homely feeling and are slightly fed up of hotels, this is the perfect tool.

From modern or vintage apartments to castles, treehouses and even igloos.. Yes – you read that right.Check it out and you’ll quickly realise that the options are seriously endless.

Check it out and you’ll quickly realise that the options are seriously endless.

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airbnb2Some of the options to choose from. Credit: Airbnb


There is a wide variety of places to stay in and so are the prices. My favourite thing about Airbnb is that it suits every budget. If you don’t wish to spend more than you would on a hostel – there are many rooms on offer, if you’re lucky you may even get a small apartment in less touristy locations. If however, you’d like to go all out because why not.. don’t ya worry as there are many listings that will allow you to do that

If however, you’d like to go all out because why not.. don’t ya worry as there are many listings that will allow you to do that.

Saying that, you can get some incredible deals when sharing with a group of people as the prices are usually for the whole accommodation, no matter how many people stay as long as it’s not over the limit mentioned in the description.

You can also get $35/£25 off your first stay here 🙂

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airbnb4Just a standard treehouse. Credit: Airbnb

Get Local

Another great and unique reason to book with Airbnb is that it’s an online community, which allows the hosts and visitors to connect.

If you are travelling to a new destination and would like to get to know more of the local culture or spend some time with people from the area – many hosts will be more than happy to help.

This is great, especially when renting out a room in an apartment where the host lives in. They may take you around town or even cook you dinner. However, do remember that some people prefer to keep to themselves – so just be nice and respectful, then see what happens.

I often found delicious local condiments or foods in the fridge or cupboards that were there for guests to use, left by the host or previous guests.. This is how I discovered many local drinks and even types of alcohol, which I’d never probably would’ve tried when staying at a hotel.

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airbnb3Castle anyone? Credit: Airbnb

Is Airbnb Safe?

Airbnb has many security and safety measures, which give you peace of mind.

Make sure to read the reviews first before booking, especially if you are travelling solo. They are extremely helpful and work both ways – the guest and the host can (and should) leave one.

All of the payments are done through Airbnb, so there’s no need to worry about paying in cash or being charged the incorrect fee. This also makes it more reassuring for the hosts as they don’t have to worry about their guests running away without paying.

If however, something goes wrong – Airbnb has a 24/7 customer service. As with anything else – remember that things can sometimes go wrong, so keep your safety measures on point.

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airbnb6Maybe a beach house? Credit: Airbnb

When Booking with Airbnb

As mentioned previously, read the reviews. Some listings don’t have any just yet – in that case, I would only book it when travelling with someone else. Make sure to stick to the next rule:

After reading the description and the reviews, contact the host and ask any questions you may have. This is also a great way to get the first idea of what they are like – if there is anything that makes you uneasy about the person, consider another option.

You will usually find that the hosts are a really nice bunch of people who will go out of their way to make your experience a great one.

And finally.. make sure you take the advantage of getting some monies off:

Get $35 OFF (£25)

-> Click here to get the money off <-

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