What is a Women’s Circle

Before jumping into any conclusions, (I know I would have, a few years ago), let me explain what such a thing could be. Well.. unless you’re a male, in which case it might not be for you of course!

Womens Circle – Space for Grace

Let’s start from the beginning. Well, kind of.

The more I started getting into self-development and being mindful, the more I started craving for some kind of a casual, small gathering of like-minded individuals who have similar interests and perspectives.

I then started reading and hearing about a thing called women’s circle, all kinds of them. Once understanding what it actually is, I thought how incredible it will be to find something like that in London.

Women’s circles are great for any kind of interests, whether you’d like to find a group of like-minded females who understand something specific that you’re going through or maybe a group of simply inspirational entrepreneurs who will share and inspire one another.

One thing is for sure – this is a place where women empower one another and exchange their wisdom without being judged, in a fully comfortable space.

There are many possibilities out there, and the interesting thing is that it’s actually a very old concept and it used to be an absolute norm but then for some reason it stopped being a norm and became this almost ‘strange idea’.

Saying that, the strange idea is slowly but surely becoming a reality again and I am very, very happy about that.

Emma Rachel and her beautiful logo

A few months later, I ended up at an event where I met Emma Rachel – a Personal Transformation Guide. We ended up chatting for a while and her lovely energy and stories kept me hooked. She then mentioned her event – Space for Grace. Emma Rachel explained it’s a space where you ‘find the communication you long for and the connection you need‘. It’s a women’s circle.

Wow. It (the circle I was looking for) literally found me, I thought. How incredible is that.

Space for Grace is a women’s circle / space for females that wish to feel free, understood and heard. Without the worry of being judged. It’s for you if you want to get to know others in a deeper way and vice versa.

I was honored to be a part of the very first gathering that Emma Rachel has created and it was beautiful. There were females of different ages, different career paths and different backgrounds – but all were open-minded and eager to listen, share and help.

I loved how Emma Rachel suggested that we each think of an intention for the evening and light a candle. This was such a beautiful suggestion and it got me really thinking, but one word kept coming up specifically – ‘allowing’. And so I had my intention. And it couldn’t be more perfect.

We talked and shared around, however if someone didn’t feel like it – they simply didn’t have to. Surprisingly myself – who usually feels very shy when surrounded by a group of females specifically.. I ended up joining a few times. And this has seriously caught me off guard.

“My favourite part of the evening was the guided meditation”

My favourite part of the evening was the guided meditation – which I will remember for a long, long time for sure. Afterwards, we were led to another room where (many) delicious snacks and tea – including my absolute favourite – Yogi Tea (ahh..) were waiting for us.

Space for Grace is set at Emma Rachel’s beautiful house right in the centre of London. It’s such a beautiful vibe in general.

If you’d like to experience the same – check out Emma Rachel’s website here: https://www.emmarachel.space/womens-circles/

And if you live outside of London but like the sound of a womens circle, then definitely have a search online and I’m sure there is something around your area! I honestly recommend it!

Hope you found this interesting! Lots of love <3

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Snacks time after the guided meditation

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