Vaseline Spray Moisturiser

I am super excited to tell you about this one as I finally feel like I can use a ‘normal’ moisturiser other than specific body lotions for eczema and allergies with the most boring packaging. As silly as that may sound. This Skin Saviour Sunday I will tell you about my new little discovery:

Vaseline Spray Moisturiser

I’ve also decided to do the Skin Saviour Sunday posts in a slightly different way, I want to make them easier to read and more informative. I will use the following subtitles:

About the product & why I went for it
How long have I been using it for
My experience
Do I use it while travelling
Would I recommend it

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About The Product

VASELINE® Advanced Repair Unscented Spray Moisturiser is exactly what the name says, it’s a continuos spray that absorbs in seconds (for real), it’s not greasy or sticky and is dermatologically tested.

Vaseline claims that it’s ideal for sensitive and very dry skin. What caught my eye is that it’s fragrance free and the formula being infused with micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly. The quick absorption is meant to help with healing dry skin and is twice as moisturising as the other products from this range.

The price is £5.99 but I managed to get it half price in Boots 🙂

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How Long Have I Been Using It For

I’ve been using it for only a week, but I’m so impressed with this thing that I had to write a review quick.

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My Experience

I love it. So far anyway!
I like the fact that it’s non greasy or sticky, it’s not as thick as all my other creams and doesn’t have the usual strange smell that all non-perfumed products do.. if you know what I mean.
The spray really does absorb quickly and is super easy to apply, just massage it in to make sure it’s well spread.

This moisturiser seems great for my sensitive skin and I haven’t had any irritations after using it for a week, I can also see a big improvement in how moisturised my skin is!

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Do I Use It While Travelling

I haven’t yet but I am considering to take the spray with me for the upcoming backpacking adventures next month as it’s so easy to use – however I want to see how long it lasts for and will update this post when I find out.

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Would I Recommend It

Yes, yes yes! If your skin is not as fussy as mine – Vaseline also added four other types of this moisturiser: Spray & Go Cocoa, Intensive Care Aloe Soothe, Intensive Care Essential &  Spray & Go Body Moisturiser Aloe Fresh.

I am hard to convince when it comes to trying out new body lotions but somehow this one caught my eye and I am so glad it did.

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