Trek America – New Orleans


Next stop is what many of you were waiting for : NEW ORLEANS.
(And the Grenadines)

After about a 6 hour drive – we arrived in the city of the round the clock nightlife.

As most of the Trek America Tour Groups, we stayed in a traditional house in the centre. As much as we loved camping – it was so freaking good to stay in a place with a bed, sofas and a swimming pool next door.


We shotgun our beds, lied down for a bit, sorted ourselves out and headed into town.


➣  ➣  ➣

First Stop : Food

Meal choice – Catfish. Of course.
And strawberry daiquiri – yup.. even the guys gave it a cheeky try. And loved it.

This place was incredible, the inside and outside were joined together if that makes sense – so you can sit inside, surrounded by flowers and fountains just next to you.. I can’t explain – but it’s just very cool.

The food was delicious, of course – catfish is something you definitely need to try when visiting New Orleans, it’s a must.



IMG_2601This is the place we went to

➣  ➣  ➣

After our bellies were way too full, we headed to get theeee…. – famous Hand Grenades! And bloody hell, they really are as savage as we’ve heard.
I struggled. A lot.

Hand Grenade is known as the drink of New Orleans – frozen or on the rocks, sold in five licensed bars/clubs around town. They come in a green plastic container with the bottom shaped as an oversized hand grenade, and this is how it’s been since 1987. If you purchase the drink in its special container – you will get discounted refills – yup yup! Also, few years ago – a ‘skinny hand grenade’ has been added.. for those of you watching the calories :p

It is melon flavoured and very, very strong – in fact, it was so strong that I couldn’t taste the melon. Either way – it’s a must try.

Oh, and it will get you smashed, very quickly.


For the rest of the evening / night, we wandered around bars and clubs – drunk a bit more, danced and laughed. It was definitely good fun. We also ended up in a bar playing hip-hop – not something we expected but we had the time of our life trying to twerk amongst people who knew exactly what they were doing.
We also did this thing like in the movies – where people stand around in a circle and one person dances inside of it.. yeah. So. much. fun.





Oh and this happened too:


➣  ➣  ➣

Surprisingly there was no major hangovers the next day, so we headed out for breakfast.

Waffles and omelettes – yes please!


➣  ➣  ➣

This was the day of a Satchmos Lagos Jazz Festival, so some of us went to check it out when the others went back to make a full use of the available pool.

Because it was so hot, I decided to go back as it was meant to be really close by and join the pool party.
Bad idea.

With my non-existing navigational skills – what was meant to be a 10 min very straight forward walk – turned into over an hour of me wondering around lost, not having a clue where I was and where to go.

This is when I remembered what Erin said to us on the way to this city. It was something along the lines of: “whatever you do – do not go off on your own. It can get pretty dodgy”

So I panicked, a lot.

Remembering that Erin gave us her number at the very beginning of the tour, I searched for it in my bag.

{That’s a thing to remember – ALWAYS save the number on your phone, and keep copies of it.}

So I called our tour guide, in panic asking for the address, of course to make it more difficult – I didn’t have a pen. So, shockingly all I had that could work was my lipgloss and a tissue just to make it more dramatic and movie like, you know..

I then went to a bus stop to ask someone for directions, I looked around and there were only two older ladies – looking slightly ‘strange’. I asked them anyway, showing my dramatic tissue and the response I got was: “Oh are we lost?”  I looked at her confused, trying to hide my frightened look. Then she just walked to the other lady and started talking to her, still looking at me. So, I walked the other way as quickly but as ‘confidently’ as possible (and probably failed completely). 

After walking around for a bit longer, I finally saw one taxi going past – I literally run across the massive road to get it. Turns out, I’ve been walking around in circles and the house was literally in the middle of it. I ended up in the beginning of one of the dodgy areas.

I finally knocked on the door of our house, with a massive relief. That’s when yet another shock hit me when an unknown older guy opened the door.

Are you kidding me?

But then the faces of my group buddies popped up from behind – turns out Watsons uncle came for a visit from Florida. Something I completely forgot about, due to my slightly stressful afternoon.

I literally broke down when I saw the others and started explaining what happened. Of course the dramaticness of this situation had to be continued lol.

The moral of this story? Listen to your leader and don’t go wandering off on your own.

➣  ➣  ➣


In the evening, we all got dressed up to spend a few hours on.. a jazz boat!

It was incredible, we had a super nice dinner, then we sat outside on the deck listening to the live music. We felt very fancy, I must say. We might have also had a cheeky little dance too, with the moves that definitely did not fit the fancy situation so much. It was super good, and I recommend it to everyone 🙂

It’s also a really nice way to see the city from another side.


➣  ➣  ➣

We then walked around the city, purchased some Breaking Bad paintings (some of us are obsessed with it), then went back to the house and stayed up till late, doing what we did best – talking, drinking & laughing. Oh and dancing.

Ahh, I miss them times and my trek buddies! <3


➣  ➣  ➣

Waking up with a hangover is never fun of course, and all we were craving was real unhealthy food – maybe we were already being influenced by America too much.

So, next thing we know – the guys came back with the biggest bucket of fried chicken. Oh it was so unhealthily good. Exactly what we needed.


We then packed up and headed for the next destination..

Honey Island, Louisiana !

New Orleans – you were interesting. More pictures below 🙂

➣  ➣  ➣

Sleepy of the week:


➣  ➣  ➣

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Kayti Clayton
7 years ago

I absolutely love New Orleans, I went the week before Mardi Gras and it was insane. I love going out and doing the whole party thing but I also love experiencing the culture. All the amazing food (coop’s place was the absolute best) and the history behind some of the architecture and cemeteries. Love it! I did miss out on trying a beignet though, something I really regret. Next time around I will be stocking up on those! The next time you’re in the US we should plan a meetup! I think we have a similar traveling style and would… Read more »