Trek America – Nashville


On day 4 we were already starting to understand the fact that our trek group was simply too awesome and no day will be a boring one. We also thought that Vegas will be the place where most craziness will take place.. until we got to Nashville.

Trek America – NASHVILLE

I’m not going to lie and say it straight – I don’t remember much.
Besides us getting Nashvilled.

I had to ask my trek buddies for help and we’re all re-living the memories now. This week’s post will be more of a bullet point of the things we got up to as there are not many details that are remembered well. However.. all of the best and most memorable bits will definitely be mentioned.. so get ready to read about one of the most memorable days/night we’ve had during Trek America.

➣  ➣  ➣


Arriving At the City of Music

Accommodation: Nashville Downtown Hostel

Erin (our trek leader) asked if we want to use some of the food kitty’s money / or pay a little each (not sure which one) and stay at a hostel instead of camping. Of course, we all said YES.

So here we were, checking in at the hostel (first-time experience for most of us, including myself). And let me tell you.. it was nothing what I expected – no scary graffiti on the walls, dodgy people getting up to even more dodgy stuff.. no, it was the complete opposite to what my clueless mind was thinking. This hostel was looking brilliant already. And so my love affair with hostels began.

The girls and guys had separate rooms, as the two couples didn’t mind. Our one was named: Dolly Parton. The rooms were simple but clean and new, where us the rest of the hostel looked cool and original.

This was the first day we decided to do washing and as it took quite a while, it was time to make dinner straight after. Ladies & Gentlemen.. on today’s menu we have – Spaghetti Bolognese. Prepared in a kitchen as opposed to a campsite (which we still loved of course).

➣  ➣  ➣


Get Ready To Get Nashvilled

After our bellies were full – we decided to make use of the hostel facilities and get ready for Nashville. Dresses, shirts and make-up. We had a few drinks in the common area and headed out.

When we got to the strip, I was slightly blown away. Not knowing what to expect from Nashville as it wasn’t originally on the itinerary, all I knew is that it will probably be worth it.

My first impressions were how American it looks. You know.. like in the movies – neon lights, live music and dive bars. It was already looking preeeetty amazing.

Welcome to Nashville and it’s unique & brilliant atmosphere.

The first one up was a rooftop bar with incredible views and the signs lighting up the city, plus the stunning live music. We got a couple of drinks, but decided it’s ‘too calm and posh’ (as Matty J reminded me), so we carried on exploring.


➣  ➣  ➣

We then found the Honky Tonk Central – a massive, three floors bar with live music on every level. Amazing country music, unreal people, atmosphere and the FIREBALL. That’s where it all started and when my memory goes slightly blurry, so I thought to just show you what Matty J (who was the sober one) kindly reminded us of. It sums it all up pretty well:

An awesome bar with live music all night – for $10 they would play any song you want and even learn it on the spot.
The shots killed you off. (Fireball)
I (Matty J) drank mango tea but still had a laugh and a dance (yeahh you did Matty J!!)
Watson ended up on the bar dancing.
Shane ate a hot dog from a stand right outside which was dodgy as.
Rooney sobered up to walk everyone to the hostel then BAM, it hit him (and it hit him hard).
We then stayed downstairs for hours chatting as you were all lazy (till the early morning).

Yup. It was amazing.

I also remember trying to be hardcore and convincing some peeps to do vodka shots with me – bad idea.

We danced all night and sang our hearts out, had a drink to all the military people who work in the US (thanks Jess) and got everyone, including the live band to cheer ‘USA, USA..’ annnnd other stuff which I don’t think I should say here.

1458697_10102060538930351_5990507575195786597_nThe Brummies teaching us their dancing skills
3Shots, shots, shots..

➣  ➣  ➣

Exploring Nashville (?)

The hangovers got the better of us, so we got out of bed a bit later than originally planned – seeing and remembering all kinds of hilarious stuff.

Rachel and I left quite early to find somewhere to have breakfast, turns out that Nashville doesn’t do food before 12pm.. unless we were just super unlucky. After wandering around for about an hour, we finally found a hotel with a restaurant, our bellies couldn’t wait any longer and so we indulged ourselves in a delicious (and very posh) breakfast. Well, Rachel did – my plate consisted of a fresh bun and butter plus a lemon tea = my ultimate hangover cure.

Some of the others however, decided to take a more drastic (and brave) approach – a hair of the dog aka crazy sounding shot each for breakfast. Yeah.. I really do salute them for that.


We walked around a bit more and it was time to head back and leave for the next destination. We didn’t get to see any of the museums due to the very short time we had, but Nashville has already revealed it’s brilliance to us.

The atmosphere must be one of the best ones I’ve ever experienced on a night out, with the live country music, people dancing all night and simply having the time of their lives – We surely did. That is what I loved the most about the place – everyone was happy to be there, there was no negativity and no judging, everyone was having pure fun..

So here it is.. our story from Nashville, one that will be remembered.
Even if a little blurry.

Skipping forward to now, this was honestly one of my favourite stops during trek and I am so glad that Erin suggested swapping Alabama for it. Although there were so many incredible times that we’ve had, it’s quite possible that I will be saying this for most of the posts.

Nashville.. you were a pleasure.

Oh yh.. in case I didn’t make it clear – ‘Nashvilled’ was our new favourite word for intoxicated.

Next stop.. Memphis.

➣  ➣  ➣

PS. This was the day when The Sleepy album was born..

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 00.09.47

From now on, I will be including the funniest ‘Sleepy’ picture in every Trek Post!

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