Travel Essentials For Sensitive Skin

When we read any packing, backpacking or holiday must have lists – not many of them are necessarily great as travel essentials for sensitive skin. No doubt most will mention the microfibre travel towel, a silk sleeping bag liner or the 50% deet bug spray.

But what if you have sensitive skin that will only get irritated by those much ‘needed’ products, which are meant to make your travels so much easier?

Whether you have sensitive skin or are allergic to synthetic fibres (like myself), whether you are planning a weekend away or a backpacking trip..

I have the alternatives for you that will be the absolute life saviours.

Travel Essentials For Sensitive Skin

{I have linked all of the products straight to Amazon, where I personally purchase them}

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hammamas - Travel Essentials For Sensitive Skin

100% Turkish Cotton  Towel 

Made of 100% Turkish cotton, it is very lightweight, compact, absorbs extremely well & dries quickly.
But most importantly, if your skin gets irritated by unnatural fabrics such as the famous ‘microfiber travel towel’ this will most definitely be your new friend.

It can be used as a normal towel, on the beach or an accessory, not only on a holiday but at home as well. I take mine with me everytime I travel and absolutely love it!

(PS. It also doesn’t get that unpleasant smell that the microfiber towels get..)

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sleeping bag liner - Travel Essentials For Sensitive Skin

100% Cotton Sleeping Bag Liner

Let me just make this one clear – I rarely use a sleeping bag but I always take this piece of absolute brilliance with me. Even for sleepovers.

Most hotels/hostels use 50% polyester & 50% cotton bedding – if again, you react to unnatural fabrics or washing powders, this sleeping bag liner is your answer. I can just slip into it at night not having to worry about any unnecessary skin reactions.

This is my ‘safety blanket’ that always ends up in my suitcase or backpack & is the main travel essential for sensitive skin.

There are two types of fabrics to choose from – cotton and silk. Personally, I cannot use silk, however if that’s not your problem – the silk liner is about 1/3 smaller and slightly lighter.

The liner is treated with Ex3, which means the build up of bacteria is decreased and there is a barrier protecting you from mosquitos and even bed bugs.

It is also super useful when staying at a hostel, when the bedding is slightly suspicious.

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coconut oil - Travel Essentials For Sensitive Skin

Extra Virgin Organic Raw Coconut Oil

I don’t know how I’ve ever lived without it.
Not even going to mention how did I travel without it.

I use coconut oil as a skin moisturiser (body, hands & face), make up remover, conditioner, shaving ‘cream’, body scrub, lip balm (it naturally has an SPF of 5), mosquito repellent (it works by making the skin too slippery for mosquitos to land on) and food supplement (works magic for slow metabolism).

So, as you can see – not only it smells good and is all natural, it also will save you absolutely TONS of space and weight by swapping your usual necessities for this one genius product. It will save lots of pennies too..

Tip: I use different brands but try to get the raw version.

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vaseline - Travel Essentials For Sensitive SkinVaseline

Another invention of pure brilliance. Similar to the coconut oil – the uses of vaseline are endless.

I either have the above 50g pot or even the small 20g metal tin which goes with me everywhere I go.

I personally mainly use it as a moisturiser if my skin is seriously dehydrated, whether it’s face, hands or body. Great for dry feet after living in flip flops for months etc as well. I also use it as a (heavier) make up remover – literally, works magic.

Some other uses are split hair ends, helping sunburn, cheekbones highlighter, and so much more.. if you need more ideas – just type it in google and get ready for your world to turn upside down.

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incognito - Travel Essentials For Sensitive Skin

Incognito Natural Anti-Mozzie Insect Repellent

Many of us seem to believe that unless a mosquito repellant has 50% deet or higher – it will not work.
Now let me tell you, this is an absolute baloney right there.

Incognito is 100% natural resulting in being much more gentle to your skin unlike many popular insect repellents containing deet – a very harmful chemical that can even damage plastic. It is also clinically proven to protect against malaria and protects from other bugs as well.

I travelled across North America, camping for most of the nights using Incognito and only got a couple of bites over nearly a month. I didn’t get any skin reactions from it either, which was a bit of a shocker!

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zap it - Travel Essentials For Sensitive Skin

Zap It!

This is great. I call it the electric shocker as this is kind of what it does in an extremely gentle and weirdly satisfying way. If you get bitten by a mosquito or other insects, even a jellyfish (!) quickly use this little miracle and it will calm the itching and swelling very quickly and very well!

It’s chemical free, non-allergenic and completely safe to human body and environment.
Zap It! also lasts very long (for up to 1000 bites) but watch out as people get so fascinated by it that they will go crazy and click away!

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Bare Minerals Powder Foundation

Personally, I think the name is slightly misleading as it’s not a standard ‘foundation’ – it’s a mineral powder, extremely light and an absolute saviour.

It’s perfect for when you don’t want to wear heavy make-up, but just something light that covers your insecurities. Perfect for hot weather and nobody will be able to tell that you’re wearing it, plus you won’t feel like you are either.

Read : Bare Minerals – Full Review | Sensitive Skin

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{ S U N C R E A M   O V E R L O A D }

eucerin - Travel Essentials For Sensitive Skin

Eucerin Sun Cream Gel & Allergy Protection

My favourite and most effective sun cream for highly sensitive or photosensitive skin. It is free from perfumes, emulsifiers and preservatives and spreads super easily and absorbs quickly.

Eucerin works great for sun allergies / pmle and is at the top of my travel essentials for sensitive skin.

Read : How to Travel with Prickly Heat & Sun Allergy / PMLE

sensitive skin travel - eucerinEucerin 50 ml Sun Face SPF50 Cream

Similar to the above, but specifically for face. Brilliant for sensitive skin.

sensitive skin travel - p20

Riemann P20 SPF30 Sunscreen

This spray is also brilliant for those who do not suffer from sun allergy (pmle) as it’s a ‘Once a Day 10 Hours Protection’ sunblock, which seriously works magic and is super easy to apply.

I found it really good even with my sun allergies after I run out of my Eucerin saviour.

PS. It sometimes can be found in Primark too.. super cheap. 

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milk shake - Travel Essentials For Sensitive Skin

milk_shake Incredible Milk

This one might not necessarily be in the ‘travel essentials for sensitive skin’ but it’s safe to say that I am slightly addicted to it (especially the smell). I take it with me for shorter holidays or when my baggage allowance is slightly bigger.

The milk_shake brand uses the beauty of milk and fruit, their products don’t irritate and are simply great.

‘Incredible milk’ has 12 transforming properties & does exactly what it says on the label. This plus the Integrity shampoo (which doesn’t contain SLS) work magic together.

I would love it if you could let me know what are your Travel Essentials For Sensitive Skin (and not only) below! 🙂

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[…] Travel Essentials For Sensitive Skin […]


[…] Travel Essentials For Sensitive Skin […]

6 years ago

I have the same Eucerin sun creme 🙂


Amy Poulton - Page Traveller

Thanks for sharing this! My skin is super sensitive (read: bad eczema and a terrible bout of severe acne a few years ago that has left awful scars). It can be different travelling to places with extreme temperatures – my skin doesn’t thank me for it. So, this was really useful, thanks!

6 years ago

I love all these products. I’m going to keep that mosquito spray in mind when I’m going to Australia, will need to buy some beforehand! Great list girl!


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[…] is my full list of my travel essentials for sensitive skin. Plus a list of the products I use when travelling with prickly […]

6 years ago

I’m really intrigued by the natural mosquito spray! We have so many here and I hate using toxic chemicals. Gonna check it out. Thanks!

6 years ago

This is so helpful. I have problems with my skin and never knew/thought about most of the things you have mentioned. I like the natural mosquito spray and the coconut oil ideas!Thanks Eli

7 years ago

Love this post, was so interesting and helpful to have this sort of information it will help out so many people I’m sure! X