Shirudo AGR+E Moisturising Lotion Review

If you have read my post about the products I use for PMLE (Polymorphic Light Eruption), you know that I mentioned the Shirudo AGR+E Moisturising Lotion. I decided to write a review of it for those looking for more information.

If you haven’t read it or you are not entirely sure what PMLE is, click below:
How to Travel with Prickly Heat & Sun Allergy / PMLE

Recently I have been given a chance to check it out and I decided to do just that during my trip to the sunny Marocco.

The review is strictly my own opinion and 100% honest.

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What is Shirudo AGR+E Moisturizing Lotion

It is a lotion specifically created for people who suffer from PMLE (polymorphic light eruption) also simply called sun allergy. Shirudo is based on Alpha-glucosylrutin and Vitamin E, it’s 99% natural and fragrance free.

The product description says it soothes the skin and prevents from irritation caused by the sun, as well as itching and redness. The lotion also has a highly moisturising formula which prevents from damage caused by dryness.

Shirudo is made from natural ingredients, therefore is safe for sensitive skin and babies. It is to be applied before suncream, roughly every 2 hours.

It’s brilliant for those with very sensitive skin which might have a reaction from stronger suncreams that may help with PMLE.

The Story of Shirudo

The lotion was created by Eloïse who suffers from PMLE herself and after not being able to find a product that works for her skin condition, she decided to search for ingredients that can help and create one herself. She has worked with chemists and cosmetic professionals to help her create a product that more and more PMLE sufferers are in the need of.

After testing the formula out on herself and seeing the incredible results, Eloise decided to take it further and make it available to others in order for them to enjoy summertime to its fullest.

Since 2012 Shirudo has been tested out by many PMLE sufferers and the online reviews are mostly very positive.

What Was My Experience Like With Shirudo?

I decided to test out the lotion while on a holiday in Morocco. During the first day in the sun, I applied the Shirudo lotion following factor 15 suncream (slightly silly decision as I usually use 30+). After spending an hour and a half outside, I decided it’s enough and went in the shade.

My PMLE rash always shows up in the evening after I have a shower, so I was quite nervous to see the results. I must say that considering I was quite unreasonable with the sun lotion – I was nicely surprised. After analysing my whole body, most of it was mostly rash free, except my thighs, which honestly didn’t surprise me much. They showed a bit of redness and a slight rash – both on the front and back. To be honest this was still a very good result considering how my skin would usually look by this point.

The next day, I decided to stick to SPF15 on my whole body except my tights where I used Ultrasun Sun Lotion (SPF50+), I wanted to see if it makes a difference. Walking around in the sun as well as having lunch etc. I kept re-applying the products every 2 hours. After analysing my skin yet again in the evening, I noticed that my thighs got slightly worse and I developed a tiny rash at the back of my arms. The rest of my body looked completely fine.

For the rest of the holiday, I kept switching between factor 15 and 50+ and felt that the SPF number didn’t make much of a difference when used with Shirudo. My thighs are always the most sensitive when it comes to the sun as they are not exposed throughout the year together with most of my upper body, therefore I wasn’t very surprised that the rash has still found its way to develop. Other than that I was very happy.

How Is The Consistency Of Shirudo?

It is very easy to spread and absorbs quickly. Keep in mind that when applied with a tinted sun lotion it formed into kind of a solid dirt looking ‘bits’ that had to be rubbed off as it didn’t look very appealing. It was absolutely fine when used with normal suncreams.

Did I Get A Tan?

Nothing noticeable, however that wasn’t my priority and I didn’t spend much time sunbathing.

Overall Experience And Would I Recommend It?

The overall experience was very good and considering the development of irritation that I did get on my most sensitive areas – I would honestly recommend the product. Best way to test it out would be to firstly use it with a higher SPF suncream or one that you trust, then gradually start decreasing the SPF if you would like to get a bit of a tan or are one of those people like me who want to see how far you can take it.

shirudo reviewClick on the image for all Shirudo products

Where Can Shirudo Be Purchased From?

The lotion can only be purchased online (click here) in many countries including USA and UK.

PS. There will be a warehouse coming to the UK soon so definitely keep your eyes out for cheaper delivery if this is where you are based!

What Are The Sizes Available?

There is a family size of 250ml and a smaller option of 100ml – perfect for travelling! If you choose to go for the 100ml, it might be worth taking a couple as you’ll need to apply it on all exposed areas (depending on your condition) every two hours.

What Is The Shelf Life Of Shirudo?

2 years (approximately 5 months when opened).

Other products by Shirudo

Shirudo has added a few more products which might also be very helpful to you! Including AGR+E Intensive Night Lotion which is to be applied after sun exposure, before bed.

Another one is the AGR+E Facial Lotion

Plus a few other great products for sensitive skin.

So that’s it, I hope you found this review helpful!

I would love it if you could share this and spread the word as there are so many people out there that suffer from PMLE. I believe that together we can make it easier!

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shirudo review


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What have you found to be the best sunscreen to use along with the Shirudo? I’ve noticed that mineral sunscreens tend to “roll up”


Thank you for this post, with out it i would not have found this fablous product. I have severe sun allergy as well as indoor light allergy… Shirudo has made an amazing difference in the few days i have had it even with the indoor light allergies. Thank you Thank you!!

Carol Dodd
Carol Dodd

I have suffered with PMLE for 20 years. Used this product together with a La Roche Posay sunscreen. No rash anywhere ! I think it has to be used absolutely as directed. I also got a great tan. Totally singing the praises of this product.


[…] Update: I have now had the chance to give Shirudo a try and you can read my review: Shirudo Lotion Review […]


Hi Eli, thanks for the review! Just a quick note: our new Shirudo AGR+E tubes are 100ml and 250ml, a little bit more than the 233ml bottle. People going on a 7 days beach vacation (approx 6 hours of full body sun exposure each day) will usually need the 8 oz bottle or 250ml tube. If you are going on a golf vacation you obviously need less. We recommend bringing the same amount of AGR+E and sunscreen. Also people are sometimes confused by the term ‘shelflife’. It refers to the tie you can store unopened product. Once opened we recommend… Read more »