Seminyak – Guide to My Fav Places to Eat (& Drink)

Seminyak has tons of places to eat, drink, and have fun at.
However, as I witnessed myself – it can be tricky to find somewhere nice and affordable, therefore here is my:

Guide to my Fav Places to Eat
(& Drink) in Seminyak

We stayed slightly out of the centre, but very close to the Potato Head Beach Club – which I’m sure will give you a better idea of the rough location 😉 That’s where the listed places are close(r) to.

seminyakClick here for more info on our hotel 🙂

Before I go any further, I will quickly explain what a ‘Warung’ is : It’s a small, family owned business – usually a casual shop and mostly a small restaurant or a cafe. These places sell local food at usually the best prices. Most of them prepare the food fresh and you will often hear “sorry, no ..blah blah blah – not in season” which I think is absolutely brilliant hah!


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Warung Eny

A local and super friendly Warung. I’ve read some reviews and heard lots of good things about this place – so, of course it was a must. This is where I’ve tasted my first Indonesian meal.

Chicken & beef satay, vegetables and fish with veggies wrapped in a banana leaf. Kirsten and I shared all of that and were struggling to finish. The prices were not bad for Seminyak and the service was great. All the food is made fresh as you order and it’s easy to tell that the family puts all of their heart into preparing the tasty dishes.



➣  ➣  ➣

Warung Borneo

Slightly further out but I cannot recommend this place enough. The prices were shockingly low and the food was brilliantly tasty! Again, everything fresh & delicious. Super simple place and extremely easy to order with the menu being filled with pictures – so no confusion there!

I went for Mie Goreng (fried noodles) – my new favourite, with prawns and I finished every single bit. It cost me 28k, which is a ‘whooping’ £1.45 :p



➣  ➣  ➣

Warung Bali Bonita

If you’re looking for a romantic, adorable and beautiful place to have a cheeky cocktail or two – look no further.

Warung Bonita will catch your eye straight away, especially in the evening – being lit up with lots of colourful lanterns, making the place a hard one to just walk past without paying a visit.

Their cocktails are slightly more on the expensive side – at about 95k each (around £5), but they’re tasty (not very alcoholic tho). This place also does food, which I haven’t tried out so you will need to find out for yourself, but it sure looked tasty!



➣  ➣  ➣

Organic Cafe / Garden Gangsters

I have no idea where to start with this place.

Simply put – get ready to be blown away.

You know all those delicious looking smoothie / acai bowls that Instagram is full of recently? Yup, this place does them, and it does them GOOD.

All of the food is organic and heavenly tasty – from super nice breakfast & lunch choices, to fresh smoothies & juices, this place has it all sorted in the most delicious way possible. The decor is nice, the stuff incredibly friendly.. and so on and so on. Can you tell I love it there?

Ps. it’s only open till 4pm only.




➣  ➣  ➣

Earth Cafe

This is known as a cool place to eat vegan or healthy food, I read about it before going away and naturally was really looking forward to experiencing what they have on offer. Unfortunately, when Kirsten and I visited, with super high expectations – itt’s safe to say that neither of us was very impressed.

I decided to write about it here and spare you the possible disappointment :p. Honestly, I think that Organic Cafe is by million times better.

It’s a nice place, with a ‘chilled’ vibe, but the staff and everyone seemed kind of.. grumpy!


Click here for a full post on Seminyak

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Stay tuned for more! <3

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7 years ago

Great read, thanks for the great food recommendations! Heading to Bali next week 🙂