Reasons to Travel Solo

If you’re visiting my blog – you probably are already travelling or dreaming of doing just that. Some might be feeling the nudge to go solo. And if that’s the case, for many (that used to be me also) – the reason why this still hasn’t happened is simply the scare factor – the fear of actually going alone.

Because let’s face it – it’s not very common to find someone that wants to go and do exactly the same things as you, or have the same amount of money. And even if they did – it might flop right before the big day, or things might not go great once you actually start travelling together long term. And so on.

So my first huge advice is – Do not push it.

Don’t push someone to come with you. I used to be guilty of that and that’s how I actually ended up going on my first short solo trip = best outcome at the time (or ever).

Trust yourself – YOU WILL BE FINE.

Gosh, you’ll be more than fine!
You’ll most likely have the time of your life – if you allow yourself to go with it!

So, to give you an idea – from being absolutely terrified of going alone, I now choose to travel solo. I have a partner, friends and family members that I can travel with, but even recently I have specifically chosen to go alone.

The reason why? It leads to a completely different outcome and self-growth. And I’m a great believer in spending time with yourself and learning how to actually enjoy it.

It’s so empowering. And it feels so insanely good when you get it.

The strange thing is that we, as society are kind of led to think that when someone is alone – they’re lonely. And that’s simply not the case. Not always anyway.

But it used to be one of the main reasons why I would never have food by myself in public places, ‘because everyone would think I’m strange‘, or ‘that I have no friends‘ etc. etc…

And what an absolute baloney this is! Thankfully, this thinking went away. Went I decided to learn how to enjoy my own company. To fully enjoy the moment without talking, just observing, reading or whatever it is that I feel like doing.

And it’s crazy how many of us have to literally learn it, just so we don’t go insane when we are alone (in any situation).

But I can’t even explain how good it feels now. So good that I specifically choose to have alone time daily, because it allows me to reflect and become more me. Without having all the influence around me.

And then when I am spending time with my close ones – it’s so much more fulfilling and meaningful. Because I can be more present and appreciate what’s going on. It’s interesting how it all works.

My recent trip to Bali led to questions such as “You’re going alone?! Why?! :o” or “What will you do by yourself? Will you not get bored?” and so on.

And before, those questions would make me worried. Whereas now – they made me smile, as I completely understand where the people are coming from. Because that used to be me. But I’ve gone so far, so far that I understand how insanely good a solo travel experience can be. If you’re open minded and most importantly – not have any specific expectations.

(Of course, it might not be for everyone, but if you’re still reading – it might just be what you’re craving for deep down 😉 )

Reasons to Travel Solo

It will then lead you to meeting people..

..people that will teach you a great deal, many of them I call soulmates = people that are here, at a specific time, to teach you a certain thing or allow you to reflect on specific situations.

This might be for a few minutes or days. It doesn’t matter – most (if not all) people you connect with, will teach you something that you’ve never realised before, but it’ll most likely be through your own realisations. And it’s freaking awesome.

You’ll end up going to places you didn’t even know existed..

..It’ll be through word of mouth or joining someone on their trip. This is why I always say to not plan every detail. I ended up changing my plans almost completely and decided to literally take it day by day. And it led to unbelievable times. Times that I’m still comprehending.

It’ll lead you to the most unexpected and most memorable experiences..

..Again, ones that you couldn’t have planned even if you tried. Because that’s what going with the flow leads to. Sometimes it’ll be hard, but this is exactly when you need to let go, take what you can learn from the situation and allow – then wait for the magic to happen.
I cannot even stress this enough.

When you’re travelling solo, you don’t have to have any expectations of the person you’re travelling with and vice versa – and this is huge. There are no letdowns, no worries of making the other person happy and no compromise. Not that any of those things are bad – but this is YOUR TIME.

This is your time to JUST BE, to learn, grow and flourish.

And my friend, this time will make you empowered, loving and so appreciative of the life that you have <3


x x x

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This is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your experiences and for being so honest.
Fran xxx