Om Ham Yoga Retreat Ubud, Bali – Review

Quite a few of you have asked where I did my retreat when visiting Bali, so here it is:

Om Ham Yoga Retreat Ubud


Surrounded by coconut, banana and papaya trees, nestled between serene rice paddies of the Ubud highlands, Om Ham is based in a charming village of Junjungan where the beautiful locals live – a 20 minute drive from the city centre.

‘Om Ham Retreat a meaning of finding God within. Om Ham is an inspiration of entirely mind for bringing happiness and harmony in.

Reach, Hold, Relieve.’
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The unique thing about Om Ham is the fact that it was built by Guru Ketut Arsana himself, together with the fellow locals – all by hand.

The process took just over two years and no typical construction machinery has been used, in order for the retreat ‘to be blessed with the essence of Balinese spirit of natural flow and quality of life.’

This clearly shines through as the tranquillity of the place is hard to put into words, it’s full of love and it really differs from the other retreats in Ubud.

Om Ham is extremely peaceful, to the point where you hear roosters in the early morning, the magical Ganesh statue fountain during the day and geckos in the evening.

It’s hard not to get hypnotised with the beauty, nature and peace surrounding you. And not to smile to yourself, as the feeling of tranquillity slowly makes its way through your system.

om ham yoga retreat ubud

Why I decided To Stay at the om ham yoga retreat ubud

Kirsten (who I did the retreat with) and I wanted to give Yoga a try – and we wanted to do it properly.
I also wanted to experience meditation and being able to take part in ceremonies that I quite frankly knew nothing about.

The problem was our budget – we didn’t want to spend £1000 each, which is what most of the retreats charge these days.

Then I found a website called :

It was perfect for what we needed – the search engines allow you to choose different types of a retreat, budget and many other options such as ‘on a budget’, ‘luxury’, ‘detox’ or even ‘cruises’.

That’s where I discovered the Om Ham Yoga Retreat and with the price being exactly what we could afford, it all seemed perfect.

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om ham yoga retreat ubud

Type of Yoga Practised at Om Ham

Om Ham practices Kundalini Tantra Yoga – which concentrates on the moving, breathing & healing:

“Kundalini Tantra Yoga is the healing Yoga that combining the use of  “tantra” along with pranayama (breath) at the same time. This combination is important for raising, flowing, moving and balancing the energy within our body. Tantra is raising the energy that would be used worthy in your life. “

– Om Ham Retreat

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om ham yoga retreat ubud

How I Managed to get a Good Deal

Om Ham seems to be quite affordable compared to the other retreats in general, they do different programs which suit many budgets.

Originally, I found a 5 day retreat for about £300 per person, including all classes, meals etc.

However, just before booking – I read a review online mentioning a Groupon deal.. so, of course next thing I did was searched on the trusted Google engine and withing a few seconds.. I FOUND IT.

£140 for two people.

5 days 
No classes included, only breakfast.
After checking with the retreat, I found out that each class costs £5 (minus 10% discount). I quickly worked out that even if we did two classes a day, plus food – we still

I quickly worked out that even if we did two classes a day, plus food – we still wouldn’t pay nowhere near the original price.

So, of course we went ahead and booked it.

We were lucky with the Groupon deal, however Agoda does some pretty good deals as well – you pay for accommodation only (breakfast included) and add classes later on like Kirsten and I did!

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om ham yoga retreat ubud

The Facilities

Not only Om Ham is stunning, it also has great facilities..

It has an infinity pool surrounded by breathtaking nature, a top floor yoga room looking out to the rice paddies, plus the beauty & massage rooms.

Oh and the restaurant, I loved it for its feel – the downstairs had a pretty standard restaurant vibe. However, the upstairs was super chilled & relaxed with sofas and sofa chairs plus the views of course.. from there you could walk around onto a roof terrace where the sunsets were absolutely unforgettable.

The rooms were also nice, with a fridge, safety box and everything that you need, all very modern. We didn’t have a tv which I kind of liked, but that’s not the case with the more expensive rooms. You also get a small table with chairs outside on the joint terrace 🙂

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om ham yoga retreat ubud
om ham yoga retreat ubud

What Did My Day Look Like at Om Ham

Because we didn’t do a specific retreat, we didn’t have our days planned for us. There were two yoga classes to choose from a day (9am and 4 or 5 pm), there was also a meditation class at 7pm.

We would get up for breakfast at about 7, then made our way for the yoga class. After the ‘hard work’ we relaxed by the pool until tea time and then headed out for a bicycle ride, a wander around the village or got a ride into town.

We’d grab dinner at one of the local restaurants or at the retreat, relax a bit more and go to sleep.

Whenever we felt like it – we joined the meditation class or got a beauty treatment.

But my favourite thing by far were the special events with the Guru including the yoga and a Balinese Ceremony which you can read about below.

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om ham yoga retreat ubud

Would I Recommend This Retreat?

100% yes! I loved every single minute at the Om Ham and wouldn’t change anything. However, if I had a chance to do it again – I would book a programme as you end up being more involved, which I especially like if the Guru runs it.

Saying that, the way we did it was absolutely what we needed at the time and I would go back any second.

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om ham yoga retreat ubud
You can visit the Om Ham Yoga Retreat Ubud website below :
For great deals, book your stay below :

-> Book Om Ham Retreat Ubud Here <-

PS. I know I keep saying how great the place is but this post is not sponsored : ) 

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om ham yoga retreat ubud

om ham yoga retreat ubud

om ham yoga retreat ubud

om ham yoga retreat ubud

om ham yoga retreat ubud

om ham yoga retreat ubud

om ham yoga retreat ubud

om ham yoga retreat ubud

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