My top 5 Destinations in 2015

2016 is nearly here!

I’ve been fortunate enough to tick quite a few places off my Europe bucket list during this year and now that it’s nearly over, I decided to share my favourites with you guys!


Zakopane, Poland

Based in the Tatras Mountains, it’s a very popular winter destination but still not very well known outside of Poland. Visiting during the summer is just as incredible as it is in winter, but make sure you go out of season as it can get extremely busy. Fresh air, stunning wooden houses & restaurants and ‘Morskie Oko’ just a couple of hours hike away.. it’s great! Make sure you also go up to Kasprowy Wierch and Gubałówka as the views are out of this world.

. . .


Prague, Czech Republic

You probably think it’s quite cliche as this city got extremely popular in the recent years, but it’s for a reason. From the stunning historic Old Town Square, to gothic churches, colourful baroque buildings and the incredible Charles bridge which is lined with an endless amount of saints statues. The atmosphere is great, it’s still on the cheaper side, it’s beautiful and you will most probably absolutely love it.

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Brussels, Belgium

This was my first stop during my solo travels this year and the only reason why I decided to go there, was the cheap coach ticket. I had no idea how GREAT this place is. I have never visited a city with so much humour and chilled out atmosphere. From the city’s icon ‘Manneken Pis’ which is a little boy.. peeing (you see him everywhere) to the comics on the buildings and the ‘Délirium Café’ which is in fact a bar with over 2 thousand types of beer.
What more could you want.

. . .

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wandering around the streets of Amsterdam simply doesn’t get boring.
Make sure you rent or buy a bicycle to explore. Yes I did say buy, a local explained to us how it’s a standard process for the people that live there to have about 3 bikes per person as they get stolen all the time, you then simply buy another one for about 40 euros from – you guessed it, people who most probably stole your bike in the first place.
Netherlands is great, people don’t seem to worry or get stressed – they just get on with their lives and enjoy it. It’s a good eye opener and reminder sometimes!

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Cinque Terre, Italy

Absolute  f a v o u r i t e!
Ever since I saw a picture of this place on a London taxi a few years ago, it has been on my bucket list.
Cinque Terre is on the Almafi Coast and is probably one of the most stunning and beautiful sceneries in this world. Formed of five fishing villages, it is part of the Unesco World Heritage site since 1997. Once you are there, you will struggle to believe your own eyes. The colourful houses, incredible seafood and relaxing on the cliffs while taking a dip in the beautiful clear water.. could not get much better and it should definitely be on your bucket list too!

. . .

So that’s it, it was hard to choose but these are my top destinations of 2015.
I will write about all of them in detail including where I’ve stayed and what is worth seeing.

I would love to hear about your favourite destinations this year, so let me know below!

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7 years ago

Looks like you had some amazing adventures! xx

7 years ago

I also have Cinque Terre on my list and Amsterdam is just soooooo beautiful, I love going there ! 🙂

Nice article, those are my favorite.

Kenza from