Music for the Soul

Have you ever listened to music that took you to a place you didn’t even knew existed?

I believe music has this power that can truly transform how we feel or even how we are. It allows us to see things in a different light, feel things a different way and if the right song is found – it can change the current moment in a split second.

It’s extremely influential, which is why it is so important to find the right type of music to listen to. Music that brings your vibrations up and not down. Music that allows you to calm down when needed and reflect when possible. Music that just simply makes you feel good.

Music that speak to your heart & your soul.


The sounds I share below might seem quite spiritual and ‘out there’ if you’re not used to hearing this type of music. But give it a go either way, you never know – it might just effect you in such an amazing way as it effected me.


I found music to be the only thing that kept me sane many times during some ups and downs in the past, it brought me back down when feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with what was going on. I found artists that literally transformed how I felt in a split second. I would sit and listen, or do whatever I had to do and blur the music out in the background.

I would also dance to it, and still do. I am so grateful for these beautiful sounds and even though they feel so personal in a way, I’m so excited to share them with you.

I discovered many of them during my travels and my journey in general, they came to me in the times I needed them the most, some just before that. And they all stayed.


Ajeet Kaur

Her voice and sounds are just pure beauty. I listen to her music so often, when working or in general. This is a brilliant mix with a selection of her stunning songs.

Snatam Kaur

Snatam Kaur’s music takes me right back to Bali. The way this music transforms how I feel is incredible – literally fills me with pure peace and love. My favourites are Ong Namo and Ra Ma Da Sa – they are both mantras which are food for the soul.

Devi Prayer – Hymn to the Divine Mother

By far the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. Find a bit of alone time, sit by yourself and press play. Turn the volume up and close your eyes. And prepare to be transferred to another dimension. This music fills me up with love and gratitude. So, so beautiful.

Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu

First time I’ve heard Geoffrey Gurrumul’s music was during my volunteering in Thailand. Our host played it in the background as we were working and straight away I closed myself to all other sounds but this one.

His music is extremely special to me as it is literally what kept me sane for months after returning to the UK and going through some pretty crazy times. Geoffrey Gurrumul was such an incredible being – he was an Indigenous Australian musician, who was been blind his whole life and so created all this music in such a different and beautiful way. He sang stories about his land in both Aboriginal languages and English.

RIP* – As I am writing this, I discovered that he has passed away in 2017.. so, so much love and gratitude his way. 


Mother I Feel You – Windsong Martin

I heard this song completely by accident (altough I believe there are no accidents). I loved it right away and again, it transformed how I felt in no time. It’s great to sing along to the best, there are also lyrics in the video and of course the fact that it’s in English helps too hehe.


There is so much more out there that I’d love to share with you but this will do for now!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do <3

Lot’s of love and happy listening.


x x x

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