GLOSSIKA Review – My Favourite Language Course

aka. My Favourite Language Course


A couple of months ago, I was offered to test out a language course by Glossika.

Now, I’m usually quite apprehensive when it comes to this kind of stuff, but I’ve been wanting to learn Spanish for a while now and decided to give it a go.

After trying it out for a good few weeks, I feel ready to write an honest (and a seriously positive) review.

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The Concept of Glossika

The main reason why I decided to give it a go is the idea behind Glossika’s concept and the way it’s designed:

Two Teaching Methods

One is for the more busy people and one for the ones that want to get more involved.

By using the Busy People & Casual Learners method – you can start learning the new language by spending about 20 mins a day on listening and repeating. If you choose the Intensive Study method – you are recommended to spend 1-2 hours a day.

More info on the methods further down.


glossika review

Taught by Native Speakers

Unlike many other courses, it does not start off by filling your head with lots of grammar rules, which let’s be honest – not many of us would use on a day to day basis anyway (at that point).

Instead, you learn from the native speakers by listening and getting familiar with the sounds. Casual sentence patterns that can be used in standard, daily conversations.

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Personal Experience


Personally, it reminds me of when I first moved to England. I was 10 and before the big move, I attended private English lessons where my grades were on point.

But, then I arrived in the UK and couldn’t understand a thing.

I was completely blown away with the new accents and usage of vocabulary, nothing sounded as familiar as I thought it would.

Now, this is not me saying I was taught wrong – not at all.

Actually, the complete opposite… I was taught all the rules and the proper / very formal way of how to use the language. My tutor also had a different pronunciation to the native speakers, which is very common of course.

The problem was, that in reality – not many people tend to use the sentence patterns or vocabulary that we learn at school. Many native speakers tend to use more ‘informal’ English..


Here’s one quick example of the English word usage:

“I would like to go to the cinema”
“I wanna go cinema” / “I want to go cinema”


Doesn’t seem that much different, but the usage of words, plus the different accents turn into a huge confusion when being exposed to the everyday way of speaking.

Just to clarify – Glossika still teaches you the correct way, but it’s using the more ‘useful’ phrases plus gets you familiar with the accents.

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glossika review

‘Fluency is Confidence
We deliver it by building muscle memory through sound patterns.
Start speaking today!’
( )


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About Glossika


Glossika is a unique language course that uses a mass sentence method, exposing us to a pretty large amount of new words in a day to day context.

It concentrates on teaching sentence patterns rather than grammar from the very beginning, and grammar is exactly what puts many people off from learning a new language.

In fact, it is perfectly explained in the video below..


Look at children, we don’t start teaching them the native language with verbs, nouns and adjectives.

First, we teach them simple words and how to say everyday sentences, then they start recognising the patterns while their mind gets used to the sounds.

Children don’t start learning all the grammar before attending school

But then they start learning a second language in the complete opposite way, which is completely unnatural and confusing to their minds.

I think this explanation was what made me appreciate the Glossika courses from the very beginning.


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Language Options


There are many language options to choose from, and you can check them out here.

If you’re looking at learning Chinese, then you’re in luck as Glossika has 6 options – even the Taiwanese version.
For some of the languages, they also have different types of courses such as fluency, daily life or business.

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What You Will Receive


After purchasing the course you will be sent the audio files, for both methods mentioned above,  books explaining them and the best ways to practice. The books also include a list of vocabulary and sentences used in the audio files.

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The Method / Process


I honestly love the process of these courses. There is a lot of freedom and in the end, it’s up to you how you choose to study the course, as mentioned previously – you can even start learning by just spending 20-30 mins a day while commuting to work etc.


Method 1 :

Spend 20/30 mins a day. This is based on you listening to the mp3 files and repeating the sentence patterns.

Don’t worry if you forget or don’t get it right straight away – it’s designed in the way that will encourage you to repeat and practice – plus your mind will get used to the sounds by hearing them many times.

It’s like learning lyrics to your new favourite song by having it on repeat. 


Method 2 :

I think this one is brilliant.

Glossika suggests that you listen to the sentences, then try to write them down.

After you’re done, compare your text to the one in the book – this allows you to see the mistakes and notice the difficulties & areas that need more practice.

Personally, this works great for me as I am a very visual person that get’s distracted easily when just listening.

The next recommendation is to record yourself repeating the sentences, then compare it to the native speaker – this works in a similar way as the writing exercise.

Last thing left to do is to simply listen to the audio files and use repetition. You will get used to the sentence patterns and quickly start memorising the vocabulary and its usage.

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glossika review


To Sum It Up


I think it’s safe to say that I’m rather impressed with the Glossika courses hah!

With pure heart, I can absolutely recommend them and I hope that this review has helped some of you lovely peeps out there! Let me know if you have any questions and I will be more than happy to answer them!


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Check out GLOSSICA courses here
-> click <-

PS. There is also a FREE Guide on the website if you’d like to try that first!

I hope you found this review helpful!
If you did, I’d be super happy if you can share this around, hoping it can help others too! <3



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Steffani S
Steffani S
6 years ago

It is fine for the price, but I find now it is missing a component. Glossika just gives you the sentences to memorize. For free, Speechling will give you the sentences also said by a native speaker, but then a free native coach, who will correct your pronunciation so you can speak French better. My French Teacher has noticed a difference since I have started using it, and I highly pronunciation it. You might be interested in checking it out.