Exploring Seminyak

We had two days in Seminyak before heading to Ubud and here is what we got up to in a few words and pictures 🙂

Exploring Seminyak


As our flight arrival was just after 11pm, by the time we got to our accommodation, checked in and found food (with a struggle – read post here) we headed for bed at around 3am. Our plan for the next day was to wake up at 8, have breakfast and go exploring. Jetlag was not my worry as I was convinced it will not be bad at all.

I couldn’t be more wrong.

I got woken up by Kirsten saying “Eliza… it’s 11am..!'”  Turns out I kept snoozing my alarm without realising.. so, we missed breakfast.

Confused how it happened (I still refused to believe that jetlag will actually have much of an effect on me) we decided to head into town and find some food. Still half a sleep – I checked on the map : “the centre is only a 20 minute walk!” and so we headed out.

Read my review of our accomodation : Bali Ayu - Hotel & Villas

After walking for a while, we finally started questioning ourselves (and my non-existent navigation skills).. I asked two ladies walking past how far is the Seminyak square – to which their response was “oh darling! It’s miles away.. you better get a taxi..”

And so we realised that instead of looking at the walking map, I looked at the driving route. Whoops.


Kirsten couldn’t wait any longer, so she got her first Indonesian breakfast, which consisted of meat, fried rice and lots more other stuff. My stomach couldn’t handle that just yet.

We ended up chatting to a couple of local customers who told us to only get the Blue Bird taxis as they have a meter and charge you the correct price.

And so we were finally off to the centre.


A few days ago I read about the Earth Cafe, which is meant to be incredible, so of course that was our next stop. Surprisingly – Disappointed was an understatement. I was expecting incredible food, vibe and everything, but turns out we were not impressed as well as some other people who I’ve spoken to later (food places and reviews coming soon).

➣  ➣  ➣

We then headed to the beach, where I got my first coconut (ever) <3 What a moment that was – drinking coconut water, splashing in the super warm sea, sun shining with a light breeze keeping us sane.. amazing and unforgettable.

That moment however didn’t last that long, as the lifeguard told everyone to come out of the water due to the incredibly huge waves. So we just chilled on the beach, while I was not giving up in trying to capture the unrealistically enormous waves. In which I failed massively.


➣  ➣  ➣

For the rest of our time in Seminyak, we’ve pretty much just explored and ate our way through – finding some incredible places that I can’t wait to tell you about!


As Seminyak was my first place to visit in Asia – I was blown away. However, Kirsten’s response was : “Darling.. this is nothing – wait till you see other, much more beautiful and real places..”

I had no idea what she meant.

Until I got to Ubud.
But I will write about that soon.

For now, have a look at the pictures of still beautiful and dreamy Seminyak <3


➣  ➣  ➣

Oh.. but before that, here is a little funny story.
Bali is full of geckos (click here if you’ve never heard of them).
They tend to be everywhere – literally. But they’re super cute so it’s ok.

However, little did we now – we had a gecko family living in our bathroom, which was half indoor / half outdoor. Turns out, they really enjoyed pooing right next to the toilet. Everyday / everytime the cleaners cleaned it. First, we thought it was birds poo. Until I actually saw a huge gecko doing his business when I was taking a shower.

Here is one of them and his business (hopefully you’re not eating :P)


Then on the first night, just when we were falling asleep, a strange, loud and outrageously interesting sound came from the bathroom – ge-cko, ge-cko.. we looked at each other in shock.. and laughed our hearts out.

We’ve never heard of these little buddies, let alone knowing that they actually make a ge-cko sound – amazing! Now I see them wherever I go, when I sleep – they pass right by my head (on the wall next to me), when we go eat – they’re just chilling on the sealings. There are millions of them. Literally.

➣  ➣  ➣

Stay tuned for more! <3

➣  ➣  ➣

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Ok, so here are the pictures – sorry for the wait :p
















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