Don’t wait. | My First Poem

The other day I felt like writing something. And so I did.
Then I read it and was pretty blown away.

I wrote a poem.

My first poem. It literally came straight from my heart. True feelings and thoughts, raw from my experiences.

I read it over and over and was surprised what came through, not at the meaning, but at the way in which my words turned into a beautiful piece of writing. For me anyway <3

This was so special as I never related to poetry.
Even though I read it many times in my head, when I was asked to read it out loud – tears started appearing in my eyes, with every word, another tear. To the point where I sobbed while reading.

It’s very personal and at the same time I know that so many can relate.

So here we go.

Don’t wait.

Don’t ever worry about taking too much time for ‘you’.
The time you spend to find the true meaning of you
is the most valuable time there is.
Don’t ever feel like you don’t deserve this time.
The time you spend discovering the meaning of you
is the time that creates the path of the truth.
Don’t ever worry you will miss out.
The things you miss out on are only a tiny fraction
of how good the real things feel.

Don’t wait for them, don’t wait for you.
Listen to that voice and follow what it says through.
Don’t wait for the right one, don’t wait for the truth.
Follow the feeling that feels right,
it will show you the true meaning of you.

The true meaning of you will show you the good times.
Because darling, you cannot even imagine
the feeling those good times will bring.
You will feel like jumping, you will feel like dancing.
You will feel like you’re dreaming and
you will feel like you’re flying.

And this my darling, is the feeling
that comes when you follow.
When you listen instead of waiting.
This my darling, is the feeling of being free.
This is the feeling that even YOU can truly feel.

– Elitravelbug

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