Chinese New Year Celebrations in London

Not being a fan of Valentines Day, my boyfriend and I headed into Chinatown to experience the Chinese New Year Celebrations in London – on the 14th of February 2016.

I was super excited to see a massive cultural festivities instead of going out for a cheesy dinner and cinema date while watching people kiss and hug in every corner possible.

I found an itinerary online which was packed with activities, from endless stands with street food to a variety of shows and cultural dances – I was worried if we’ll get a chance to see it all..

Now I always try to make it clear that the views I introduce on this blog are strictly my own and real. So I’ll be honest and say straight that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. It didn’t feel very cultural except the beautiful decorations, there wasn’t as many food stands and the amount of people was absolutely crazy!

Saying that, it made me want to visit China more than I did before and get the chance to celebrate the Chinese New Year the real way. Times like this remind me that the best way to experience a certain culture is to be in the place where it was born.

Here are a few pictures from the Chinese New Year Celebrations in London:










Did you get the chance to see it? Or maybe you were lucky enough to be in China during these festivities?
I would love it if you let me know below! 🙂

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