How To Use Chamomile Tea For Skin Irritations

Chamomile is infused with great healing properties, it disinfects minor wounds and improves the healing process. Due to its antioxidant and mitigating properties, chamomile is known to be very effective in soothing skin irritation, eczema, minor burns, sunburn, acne and eye inflammation & infections. It can also be used as a vapor to alleviate cold symptoms and asthma. Which is why I often turn to this home remedy.

Here is How To Use Chamomile Tea For Skin Irritations
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Whether my eyes are struggling to handle the computer screen, I cut my fingers (I am ridiculously clumsy..) or my skin gets out of control – chamomile tea is often what I use and below is a quick guide on how I do it. I use the same process for pretty much everything.

Tip: Try to use organic chamomile without bleached teabags (added chemicals).
This one is a good example.

Tip 2: Loose chamomile tea can also be used during bathing. Just put some loose tea in the water (I never add anything else with it) and relax for about 20 mins.
This loose tea is all organic.

 ➣  ➣  ➣

Place the tea bags in a boiling water..

..and let them steep for a few minutes till it’s not as hot. Depending on how big the skin irritation is, you might need more than one tea bag.

 ➣  ➣  ➣

When it chills down a little bit.. 

..(but still warm), take the teabag and gently squeeze the liquid out of it. Be careful not to rip it.

 ➣  ➣  ➣


Gently dab the teabag..

..on the affected area but try not to rub it.

 ➣  ➣  ➣


When the teabag gets less warm..

..dip it back in the tea and repeat the process a few times. You can also just leave it on your skin for a couple of minutes if you like.

 ➣  ➣  ➣


You might notice a bit of redness at first..

..If you are using it on a skin rash etc, that is fine as the irritations should calm down after about 20/30 mins.


As it’s a natural remedy, I sometimes even do this process two or three times a day especially for my eyes as they sometimes get slightly infected from tiredness and I dont like to use any creams etc on them.

If you have tried this yourself, I would love to hear how it went so let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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And here is my first attempt at making a video.. please be nice!
Trying to hide how nervous I am made me look slightly unhappy.. 😛


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4 years ago

This is so useful! Thank you!

Pina pietraroia
Pina pietraroia
4 years ago

It works for me too..I recently had some vaginal
Cysts and it cleared them. My gynocologist was amazed that the cream he gave me did not work and the camomile worked.