Bucket List

Here is my Bucket List that keeps on growing
day by day


Watch the Sunset in Santorini
Hike the Grand Canyon ✓
Fly over the Grand Canyon ✓

See the Monument Valley (oh and I camped there!) ✓
Hallstatt (Europe’s oldest still occupied town) ✓

Walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain
Cinque Terre, Italy ✓
Trek to Machu Picchu
Bolivia Salt Flats (Salar de Uyuni)
Wander around Venice ✓
Walk on the Golden Bridge in San Fransisco ✓
Stay overnight at a Monastery ✓
Orangutan Sanctuary in Borneo
Experience a Yoga Retreat in Ubud ✓
Explore the Rice Fields in Bali ✓
See the Northern Lights
Board down an Active Volcano in Nicaragua
Visit Japan during Cherry Blossom Season
Hike to Morskie Oko ✓
Ride in a Tuk Tuk ✓
Experience a Balinese Ceremony ✓
Sunrise Trek to Mount Batur ✓

White Water Rafting
Drink from a Coconut in the Caribbean

Road-trip across North America ✓
Overcome my Fear of Deep Water and Learn to Swim..
..Then Scuba Dive (the Great Barrier Reef)
..Then Swim with Turtles and Dolphins
..Oh and Jump Off a Cliff
..And then Catch a Wave Surfing
Or if the Above Fails – Float in the Dead Sea
Walk the Streets of San Fransisco ✓
Visit Venice Beach and Pretend I’m in Baywatch ✓
Ride a Motorcycle through Vietnam
Bathe an Elephant ✓
Feed a Koala Bear
Feed a Kangaroo

See the Smoky Mountains ✓
Road trip in a Campervan

Rappel Down a Waterfall

Get into one of the New Yorks VIP Clubs ✓
Manhattan / Times Square ✓
See Penguins in the Wild
See Polar Bears in the wild

Visit the Sacré-Cœur and Eiffel Tower in Paris ✓
Watch New York’s Skyline from the Empire State ✓
See the Hollywood Sign ✓

Watch the Sunrise in Bagan (Myanmar) ✓
Travel Around Myanmar ✓
Visit the Whitsunday Islands in Australia
Casa Del Arbol Swing in Equador
Outlook Festival ✓
Eat Ice Cream in Italy ✓
Japanese Tea Ceremony in Tokyo

Have a Picnic in Central Park ✓
Visit Krakow ✓
Climb the Harbour Bridge in Sydney

Wander the Streets of Dubrovnik’s Old Town ✓
Wander around Yosemite National Park
See the Colourful Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park

Hot Air Balloon Flight over Cappadocia

Shopping Spree in Manhattan ✓
Devil’s Pool in Victoria Falls
Walk the Stairway to Heaven in Oahu
Experience the beauty of New Zealand

St Paul’s Bay in Greece (Rhodes) ✓
Visit the Islands of Philippines ✓

Take a Solo Backpacking Trip ✓
See the Gardens of Kyoto (Japan)
Go to Space

Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia ✓
Budapest ✓
Experience the Beauty of Alsace, France ✓
Walk the Great Wall of China (well, part of it)
Eat Pizza in Naples

Volunteer at a Festival ✓
Attend the Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai
Experience Songkran in Thailand ✓
Try Gambling in Las Vegas ✓
Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway

Camp in one of Americas National Parks ✓
Brugge, Belgium ✓
Ride a Zip Line Ride ✓
Go Skiing

Tatry Mountains ✓
Northern Lights

Aushwitz (on the Less Happy Side) ✓
Visit South America & its Stunning Islands

Walk on the Walk of Fame ✓
Wander the streets of Rome

Swamp Tour ✓
Visit the UFO Village in Taiwan ✓
Burning Man Festival

Stand Under a Waterfall ✓
Stand on the Edge of Trolltunga, Norway
Stay in a Glass Igloo

Explore a Cave ✓
Sunrise Trek the Volcanic Mount Batur ✓

Hold a Monkey ✓
Visit the Safari
Street Food tour in Hanoi

Six Flags Magic Mountain in LA ✓
Visit Alaska

I will probably keep adding more.
PS. Stay tuned as I am writing about the things I managed to do one by one!

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4 years ago

Cool list and so crazy to see you’ve already ticked off so many. Keep exploring!