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I’ve had a chance to attend the Bali Spirit Festival during my solo travels in Bali this year (March 2019). My time on the ‘island of Gods’ was very much about self-growth and connecting with myself on a deeper level.


Bali Purnati, Bali (20 minutes drive from central Ubud)

How to get there
There are shuttle buses going from Ubud to the festival.
It’s also great to rent a scooter and have the freedom to explore!

What is is?
One of the world’s most inspiring yoga festivals, celebrating global community, world music and well-being, taking place on the idyllic island of Bali.

Bali Spirit Festival is a gathering of like minded people located in stunning area of Bali. It goes on for 5-days / 7-nights!  More info below.

In 2019, the festival took place in March 24-31.

Map of the venue

Bali Spirit Festival is a great event for those looking to experience a spiritual event where there is no judgment and full understanding. It’s great to get to know people with similar interests and on a similar journey, if this is what you’re interested in.

There are many workshops and activities such as live music, guided meditations, breath-work and so much more. My favourite thing about the event is that it’s extremely eco-friendly and the founders pledge to provide support to the local charities such as financial and logistical.

The festival is also a family friendly event and most importantly (for me at the time) is that is very solo travel friendly. As a female – it might not always feel comfortable attending a festival solo, however this isn’t the case here. I have felt fully comfortable and relaxed while experiencing what the sights and many stages have to offer. The atmosphere also makes it easy to meet people.

Here is a video from my experience at
the Bali Spirit Festival 2019

Click to watch

Bali in general is a beautiful place to visit and spend some time as a solo female traveller – Ubud area especially is my favourite one. There is so much to do and the abundance of healthy foods is unreal.

Talking about healthy foods – Bali Spirit Festival has an insane number of options – mostly (if not all?) vegan and many gluten-free as well. It’s super easy to find something to eat that’s healthy and super delicious.

What caught my eyes the most was how beautiful everything was. Including the structures and of course the views of endless palm trees and rice paddies.. Ahhh!

You can find out more here:
The Bali Spirit Festival


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Here are some pictures:

Bali Spirit Festival elitravelbug
Bali Spirit Festival elitravelbug
Bali Spirit Festival elitravelbug
Bali Spirit Festival elitravelbug

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I love this and I also really want to visit Bali. Thank you for sharing Eli


Looks great! Thank you for sharing, I really love the video!!