Follow Your Heart – Staying at an Ashram in Bali

Hello, hello beautiful souls <3
I have just added a new video to my YouTube channel, first time in almost two years..! It was during my stay at an Ashram in Bali.

The two weeks I’ve spent in Bali this time round were insanely heart opening for me. I’ve had many realisations and the biggest one was:

To not have any expectations.

No expectations = no dissapoitment.
No expectations = things happening that you couldn’t even have dreamed of. Amazing things and things that are exactly what you need at the right time, in the right space.

I also learned to go with the flow and follow my heart.

Following my heart means doing things that may seem slightly silly to my head. But things that feel not seem right. And this leads to unbelievable experiences.

Due to not posting on YouTube in such a long time, I felt quite nervous. Especially that this is my first video on there with absolutely no editing whatsoever. Everything that came out – straight from my heart, went straight on the video and then onto YouTube.

I have been feeling this nudge to post it since I got back from Bali and so I did. I hope that some of you might take something from it but it’s also a reminder to myself..

A reminder to stop and listen. To at least sometimes – listen to my heart and not my head. No matter how tricky things may get.

Lots of love,
Eli <3

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